JevanJor Adhesive

Jevan Jor is a revolutionary water resistant wood adhesive with excellent bonding strength.It has been made as per European D3 Standards. It is highly recommended for bonding Wood, Laminates, Plywood, Veneer, Block-board, Hardboard, MDF etc. The water resistance of the product is much superior to conventional wood adhesives.

Types available
A. White adhesive 
B. yellow aadhesive
White Adhesive
The most common furniture making glues are polyvinyl acetate adhesives, known casually as white and yellow glues. While white glue is a good general adhesive that can be used on most porous materials
Yellow Adhesive
yellow glue has been specifically formulated for interior woodworking applications. Yellow glue is usually referred to as aliphatic resin glue.
These are technically known as cross-linking PVAs, and they cure through chemical reaction, instead of evaporation. For general woodworking use, this glue is interchangeable with normal yellow glue except that it can’t be cleaned up with water after it cures.
Properties of the Adhesive
Base: PVA based Emulsion
Solid Content: 47-50%
PH: 3-4.5
Appearance: Milky White
Dilution: Not recommended

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